Monday, May 24, 2010

I have so much to tell that I dont know where to start!

First I want to let everyone know that I am selling some amazing skin products that really do reverse sun damage and improve your skin by developing new collagen!  Please check out my website at and email me at if you have any questions about any of the products!!! They are prescription strength and they were created by the same Dermatologist that invented ProActive!

Lets start current and go backwards.... This weekend Mark and I had a great date night Saturday which included margs and a funny movie!  He got to get some golf in and I took the kids to a carnival where Addie road a pony and talked me into bouncing down a slide that was way to narrow and steep for me to try again :) 

Last weekend we spend it in Little Rock for my cousins graduation.  I picked up Brandon from Teen Challenge and his mom flew into to Little Rock to spend some time with him at our family gathering.  It was pleasant and she took Brandon back to OK Monday for us!  Addison is so smitten with Brandon... its cute!

Keaton is not speaking yet but I think I will laugh all day if he speaks like she does! We are trying to break him from the bottole but he is in LOVE with that thing full or empty he wants it in his mouth.....

Addison is always a mommy to a doll, stuffed animal, or something.... therefore she is either scolding, consoling, or loving on them.  It is so funny to see her rock them when they cry and scratch their back to get them to go to sleep etc....

She had an accident in her panties while Rachel (my sister) was watching her a few weeks ago which Rachel was not happy about cleaning up.  Addison tried to lighten the air and said "its funny isnt it?!? ". Rachel didnt hesitate to so "NO" and so Addie replied "is it funny a little bit?"...again Rachel replied "NO".  Addison said "can I laugh?" and Rachel still said "No"... finally Addison grinning said" Ill just smile!"...Rachel broke and started laughing.....

She told me yesterday when the sun was in her eyes "that sun is mean starring at me". 

Going back a little further to Mothers day.... the night before I took Addie to the mall and when I got home KP (my BFF) needed me to take her to ER b/c her heart would not stop racing and pain was runningdown her neck and chest.  We got out of there around 3 am and so Mark taught our 3 yr old SS the next a.m. without me b/c we had all of our family coming over for Mothers Day that afternoon!  It work out and we had a great time! Brandon called me to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. 

I am now waiting to hear back from Baptist about my enrollment in their night/weekend Nursing program.

I have an appt with U of M Wednesday about their Nursing program also! 

My life is so blessed with a grea family, flexible job, and some new opportunities!

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boo4baby said...

Now I am really curious about she okay? I hadn't heard about this! So glad you guys could come over for Luke's graduation. Would love it if you guys lived closer so I could hear her funnies all the time. Love you!