Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yesterday we found out that Addison has a hernia and will have to have it surgically repaired.... She has had a rough time since the stomach virus because her stools will not get back to normal ... So we are on a strick diet and going to hope and pray that she will get regular before we have our surgery consult next friday!
She is on a lactose and sugar free diet and after 10-14 days it shoudl be fully corrected..... say a prayer!
Mark and I are tag teaming work and being home with them which is a two man job when they are sickly!

I made an A on my Reproductive test last night and am not ready for my blood test tomorrow!  Nursing school I am almost ready for you!

Keaton has been head butting us the past few days and he just laughes after his forehead makes contact with you... I love it! He had his first scrambled egg today and he gobbled it up! I am loving seeing them interact and become friends!  Addison prays for Keaton and Pink Baby everyday (her two favorite things).....

Well I am going to Kohls with Esther and then to the house to relieve Mark!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joy even in sickness!!

Keaton has slept most of the day and Addie and I have had a good time with playdough, matching games, coloring with colored pencils and chalk, flashcards, and reading books!  Her poor bottom is so sore that she can barely sit down... She is currently putting makeup on me.... if only someone was here to capture this in a picture! :)  This morning was depressing with all the diarreha, accident with tee tee in the floor and keaton throwing up but it is getting better as addie says "the sunshine is back" as she wears her shades around our house this afternoon :) ....
She asked me "what is your name?"
I said "what do you think my name is?"
she said "Charity Eskew Mommy"
I asked "what is Daddy's name?"
she said "Charity Eskew Daddy"
I asked"what is your name?"
She replied"Addison Eskew McKenzie".

I love it when she talks b/c we never know what we will hear! :)
She repeats everything and is always asking what we are doing, what we said, and why this or that.... So much personality at such a young age.... she keeps telling me today "I not sick....I feel better".... and "you not sick Mommy"  .... "Pink baby feels better because she goes to doctor".. We accidentally left our sleep aid "pink baby" at Dr. Yukons the other day and Daddy went back to get it for us. 
Do all kids hate having the sleeve on a book?? She cannot stand to have the cover of a book on it.... She says"book does not want to wear it"....

The joy of a toddler!!!

When it rains it pours

Where do I start... last week I was able to get some precious clothes at the Agricenter Consignment sale and I sold alot of my baby clothes so I was able to break even.  what a blessing ....  I had a falling out with a friend but with some time and reflecting we were able to rectify our differences and make up. 

Friday it all began with the dreadful stomach flu!!! Addison started with diarreha and we had to go back to diapers and by saturday I went to the pharmacist because she was not getting any better.  They advised me to give her children's imodium.  By Saturay evening she was lathargic and resting in mommy's bed but her bottom was hurting her to the point she would not sit down or even bend over. 
Sunday she woke up with a dry diaper PTL and we got ready for church in her new Valentine's dress I had just bought for her.  daddy made us eggs and pancakes MMmmmm!!!!!!  When I had gotten her up it was really hot in her room and she spit up a little on me but I did not think much about it....
On the way to church She vomitted everything she had eaten that morning all over her new dress,  car seat, and the floor.  We were 2 minutes from church and Mark and I had to teach Sunday school that morning.  I dropped Mark and Keaton off while I undressed Addie.  She was singing and acting fine so I still thought it was strange.  We went into Kohls and bought a new dress (that is two valentines day dresses) and she was acting fine again.  I went back to church and she was fine the rest of the morning.  We went to lunch with my family and she was fine (ate a little) and wanted to play with her valentine gifts she had gotten....

We came home and took naps and when she woke up she had puked all in her bed and she puked several times through out the rst of the evening ..... the lymphnodes on the back of her neck were HUGE so we made a Drs appt the next morning..... Mark brought her and I met him there from work and Esther kept Keaton.  The Dr. said that her stomach was in an uproar but it was viral and it would have to run its course and she just needed to stay hydrated and no solid food until she went a while without throwing up.  I went to a sale at Lifeway after work and Esther met me up there.... She went and got Pizza Hut and came over for the evening.... We watched the Bachelor and the kids seem to be doing better etc.  I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up all the pizza I had endulged on a few hours earlier.... Until about 2pm the next day I stayed close to a trash can or toilet.  The body aches were unbearable... Esther came back over and stayed the night b/c Mark started having body aches and feeling terrible.  Addie slept almost all day tuesday.....  so did I .... Wednesday I just slept alot and Addie was bouncing off the walls feeling better!  Mark was comign around after alot of rest and last night Keaton started throwing up!!!  Will this virus ever leave us?!?!?  Addie and Keaton are back to having diarreha and I pray this leaves us soon b/c the about of body fluids that have been expelled in this house is overwhelming and I cannot seem to get the sick smell out of our house!!  I go back to work tomorrow and Mark went today and I pray we dont have another round of this virus b/c it has had us down for a week!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I woke up this morning and the road were not icy!  Got to work safely and talked about the joyous time playing in the snow on Monday with the family since the clinic as closed.   As the day progressed I seem to let my patience chip away .... I got home and was greatful for the meal my mother had made for us but the fun began with the dog stealing keaton's socks(his hands/feet were like ice - causing him to cry ALOT), then keaton tossing the dogs water bowl across the room full of water, to Addison pushing Keaton into the ground several times making him SCREAM, the dog pooped in my room, the dog kept biting Keaton, went to pick the dog up and she ran and hid under a piece of furniture that required me to get down and drag her out(I was SO MAD @ her), Laundry and dishes piled up for me to tackle, Addie tee teed on the floor(after sitting on the potty for what seemed like an hour), I offended a friend when I thought I was helping,  I listened to someone I care about hurt over the words and coldness of their home, and the list goes on......................... 
I was ready to cry b/c I a really tired but when I went to put the kids to bed and the two of them curled up in my lap and a peace came over me.  It was the best feeling in the world when my son nestled in one arm gives a big yawn and Addie says " Mommy, I love you too" before I even got to say I love you first. We just rocked and listened to "Sleep sound in Jesus".  I looked up after Keaton was asleep and Addison was on her phone telling one of my friends... "Oh yeah... Ill have to call you back  (PAUSE)  Yeah...Ill call you back real soon... OK?  Bye"..........It was too cute and blessed my soul bc I knew she was quoting me....if she could only mimic the harmless and caring things I say and do.....
I have made many blunders today but I am so grateful for tomorrow ... Oh a fresh start tomorrow.  PTL!
I love my kids and the only thing missing tonight was Mark.... our HERO fireman was hard at work saving lives and providing for us to be home! 
I am applying at several different nursing schools and could use all the prayers I can get about which program is best for our family.  I am going to retire now and wish everyone a good night!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January recap!

We have had a busy first month of the year!
Brandon had his wisdom teeth out the first week of January and got a dry socket... No fun!! it did nto stop him from playing MW2 on Xbox... Addison LOVED having him home... We took him back to school Jan 9 and stayed the weekend in Fayetteville AR... it was quiet and cold and I loved a day without any obligations! Then Sunday on our way home Mark got a speeding ticket for 18 over trying to hurry and get to lunch with my mom's parents in conway....
Started Aand P II the next week ...beginning with the Endocrine System and all its tiny details!
Addison started PDO at a local church one day a week and she loves it!
Keaton is finally sleeping through the night... He is almost a year old and I cannot believe that i pray when i go to bed that he wont wake up!
Addison went to a birthday party at "yucky cheese" and we told her to say "ch" "Ch" and she said "ch" "ch" "yucky cheese"... we also went to princess birthday party at "House of talent" and got to dance and do art and had a blast...
We went to a play date at the mall and had a good time with Daddy, the Wallaces, Winters, and venters!
Daddy has been going to Kindermusik with us each Thursday.
We are listing our home hoping it will sell soon! We will build on our land if it does not sell first b/c we have a for sale sign in it too!
Addison is almost potty trained... we have had a rough week last week but this week we are almost completely accident free!
Keaton is standing and walking well with a push toy so days from walking on his own.
Brandon is doing well at Brushcreek and has had a great attitude each time we have talked to him since he got back.  three weeks ago he got re-baptized and we are very hopefully for God's handy work in his heart.
We had an ice entrapment in our home last thurs through sunday.  it was fun and Addie loved playing out in the snow and sledding down the hill of ice! 
Addison told me today that she is Dr. Eskew and she will make me feel better.  She will not share her candy for going potty and today she needed nay nay & pop (my parents), esther, and rachel to come look at it! it was so funny b/c she called each of them and said LOOK I went potty all day long!
Rosie (our chihuahua puppy) loves the kids and is half way house broken...the cold makes her back track on her commitment to go outside....Keaton does not love all the kisses he gets b/c he is so low to the ground Rosie can get in his face... it is funny... Rosie will grab his socks and pull and pull until she gets them off his feet and runs to her kennel to hide them....
Excited for February to get started and I will update pics soon!!