Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Families are so complicated. Some people you cannot get enough of and then others you never want to see again. I am going through a study on being a wise woman/wife/mom and it is convicting about what type of example I am setting for my family - saved and lost. I have been struggling with my circumstances but yesterday I was convicted about being so selfish always upset about what is happening to me. I have a great home, a family that is there for me, a flexible job, a husband who provides and is actively involved in our lives, and so much more!

I recommend everyone seeing the movie Fireproof ... it touched my heart last night when mark and I went to see it!

I am almost 4 months along now and it is starting to show in my mid section! I am almost positive it is a boy...we will know for sure next month....... I want to be a godly mom and I pray that God will guide me each day with my children. I am tired ALOT!

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather of breezes and comfort as we are!

I am so excited to watch my husband love our baby girl and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for our family! I am looking forward to her first birthday party in a few weeks! I hope to see you all again soon and thank you for your prayers and support!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things have gotten worse before they have gotten better. I was not sure I could take much more when my husband informed me that the task force was going to have to stay at least another week. We are already in the third week of them being gone. I wanted to scream, cry, yell ...anything but I did not..... He continued to tell me that he had told him supervisors that he could not stay and would need immediate transportation home. I was overjoyed even though we did not know when or how he would get home. Yesterday we talked and it was looking like Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest until at 6 last night he called me to let me know he was headed to the Houston airport and I could pick him up around 10p.m. My heart leaped b/c he was finally home!!!
We need him home to take care of the unruly mess that has been created and it just gives me comfort to know that he is back. He woke Addie, played with her a while, and got to see her walk for the first time! I loved watching his face and he delighted in our baby girl.
He is going to rest today b/c he has had one heck of a couple weeks..... Praise the Lord for compassionate leaders who let him leave without jeopardizing his job. I was sad to have to get up and come into work today but I feel so relieved to know that he is going to be at the house when I get off.
Mom is still keeping Brandon b/c he is STILL SUSPENDED. He has gone over and above to try to break me and my spirit this past two weeks. Pray for wisdom b/c something radical is going to have to happen and we want to make sure that all of our decisions are guided by the Lord.
I go to the doctor this week to hear my little baby's heartbeat! I am so grateful that I have not been sick b/c that would have probably been more than I could bare with all the stresses that I have been subject to.
If it is a boy I am leaning on the name "Cameron". Mark is not sold on it but I am going to say it alot so maybe he will get used to it :) ..... Any suggestions on baby names I would love to hear them! Addie is home with Daddy today and I cannot wait to join them in a few short hours!
Have a blessed week and dont ever take your spouse or family for granite!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God has brought people into my path - some who have been there for as long as i can remember and some who i would not have expected - who have helped me through trials this week and last. I am not sure where to go from here but I know that I will sleep better at night when my husband returns home. I am doing a study through proverbs with other women to learn how to be a wise mother and wife. I fail my family daily and I am praying for guidance to learn to serve them rather than thinking of myself. If the Lord is trying to humble me He is succeeding!
I am so grateful for resources that are helping me! Thank everyone for your prayers and concerns.
Addie took close to 10 steps several times over the past couple days. I am getting excited that she is starting to walk! the slower I get being prego the faster she will get! :)

I am reading Atonement Child and it is so thought provoking everytime i want to have self pity.
I am struggling with anger towards someone in my life right now and I want to walk away and never think about that relationship again but i know that is probably not what i am supposed to do. Boundaries are not supported and i dont know how to stay in control of my home.
I desperately dont want Satan to have a strong hold over anyone or anything in my house!
I pray for the ability and wisdom to safe guard my home with my husband...
I pray that the Lord will equip mark with all the necessary tools to lead our family!

On a lighter note i am watching Along Cam Polly and for those of you who have seen it the hairy sweaty guy in the basketball match just about made me barf! I love this movie!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am not very consistent at blogging but I wanted to let anyone and everyone know that I am pregnant again..... Addie will be 18 months old, Brandon will be 16, and we will have a new born! Mark will be OVER THE HILL in Dec. I am going to be busy selling my house and getting ready for our new addition. My husband is in New Orleans helping flood victims.... I would give anything to have him home again! Brandon and I went to counseling today and it was successful! I am praying that God grip our family and help us blend smoothly!
Pray for my mother in law b/c she is no longer welcome at our home b/c of the outrageous acts she has committed in the last week and really the past few years.... I need to not be bitter but it is hard when you are dealing with someone so vile and wicked towards you.
Mark is struggling with the division in our family and I pray God give him strength lead our family in the way of the truth with or without or family's support....
I am reading Atonement Child and her questions of why such unfortunate circumstances happened to her are some of the questions I have been asking today.... I have be humiliated, angry, depressed, and lonely the past couple days and I have had to bury myself in I peter about going through trials and staying in my role! That is a little tougher than it sounds....
everyone is having babies and advancing in their careers and sometimes I feel like I am not progressing but just sitting under a stack of things.... The Lord is having to supply me with strength to prioritize and know what is important to deal with and what is petty. I blur those two alot! I have seen alot of pain and loss in people's lives around me lately and it is hard to swallow. Children separated from their families, death by natural causes and some not so natural.... The Lord is the giver and taker of life but sometimes I feel like life can be drained out of you even though you still have breath left. I am sorry if this has sounded dark but troubling times have caused me to question things and just be somewhat somber.... I love the Lord and know that He will guide my family to a healthy place where we can rejoice together as a body of believers!