Saturday, October 17, 2009

Addisons birthday was thursday and we went to Chucky Cheese but she calls it "Yucky Cheese".  Nay-Nay, Pop, Aunt Esther, and Mommy went with her.... We are having a painting party with her friends at our house tomorrow afternoon after church.  She has been singing to Keaton and I all day today.  It is so funny to hear her talk more and more each day.  She now tells me what she is and is not doing and always talks in 3rd person.  Rachel is over and she loves having her aunts around.  Esther bought her a Tinkerbell tent that takes up my entire kitchen but Addie LOVES it!  We are enjoying her so much at this stage in her life! PTL for a healthy adorable loving child!
last night Dad and I went to dinner at Firebirds for my 25th birthday.  Where have the last 5 years gone??? i feel like i just graduated from Union but time has flown by since then and so much has happened.... We went shopping and came home to snuggle under the covers and watched a movie b/c it was too cold to stay out! :)
I love my family and I am so blessed to have such a loving and caring husband, family who helps with my kids, and kids that light up my world with a simple smile!
Pics are coming of Yucky Cheese and of the paint party after tomorrow!

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