Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well the New Year has brought laughter, sadness, joy, and business for the Eskew family!  We had a great time having all of our children home for the holidays and were sad to have to take Brandon back to school in OK.  He is doing well and we cannot wait until he is able to come home in May for a summer break. 

Addison is in love with Brandon and when we took him home last weekend; we bought her a teacup chihuahua puppy to redirect her attention.  Her name is Rosita Poco Eskew but Addie says Coco(we are still working on Ps and Ls) so the puppy is probably confused.  Keaton does not have so much love for the puppy b/c she is always licking him and jumping on him b/c he is so low to the ground.... Maybe it will encourage him to get up and walk rather than crawl.... :) 

Mark was put on stand by with the disaster in Haiti..... PTL he was not required to go (at least not yet).  Our hearts go out for the orphans who were in the adoption process and are having to begin all over again. 

I have started back school .... very time consuming.... but one more semester and I will be in nursing school!

Our schedule goes something like this....
Monday and Tuesdays I work ....
Wednesday we have Mom2Mom in the morning and small group in the evening....
Thursday morning we have Kindermusik and I work in the afternoon. 
Fridays Addison goes to Parents Day Out and Keaton and I run errands.
Saturday is chore day and Sunday is church and rest!

I love my family! I am so excited to see what 2010 has instore for us! 
1. We hope to sell our house and maybe our land - either build a house or buy a house!
2. Get enrolled in Nursing school
3. Addie enrolled in a preschool for this fall or next spring....
4. Move Brandon home upon completing his program
5. Learn to play golf and finish my 2008 scrapbook :)

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