Monday, March 1, 2010

This weekend was full of studying, playing outside (PTL) and shopping!

Friday we went bowling as a family minus Keaton plus Fire Station 27 and it was so fun!
I saw a girl and her father that had come through my clinic months back and they remembered me from a conversation we had about the passing of her mother and when they rode a pink FireTruck!
... Sweet family... and an old coworker was with them dating her sister.... It is a small world!

Addie spent Saturday with Nay Nay and Pop (shopping at the Mall and going to the Park)....
Keaton and I enjoyed a day to play together and I got to study for my Midterm a little while he napped!

Addison's new thing is saying NO SIR regardless of what you say,..... UGH!
Keaton is almost walking... LIKE INCHES FROM DOING IT HIMSELF!

Brandon will be 17 in three weeks and Keaton will be 1 in 2 weeks! I cannot believe it has been a year since we brought our little man home.... He loves to drop things and say "Oh" .... He squeals at such a high range and he can drink a bottle, crawl, and play with toys simutaneously!
He calls our puppy "Ro Ro Ro" her name is Rosie!

Addie was a ballerina all night last night until she became Dr. SQ and had to give me medicine b/c I was sick.... She pulled up my shirt to use her stethoscope on my stomach and she pointed to my ribs and said "mommy those are your boobies"....  These kids always make me laugh!!!

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