Sunday, June 27, 2010

funny things my little girl said this week...

As she rubbed all of our faces....."Mommy shaved, I shaved, but Daddy is not shaved."

" 'Yes mamm' is not in my mouth."

"I'm bigger because I am you..... I am Chairdy."

When I was trying to get her to put her white sunday shoes on "they all just hurt me SO bad" she cried but the purple flip flops she exclaimed "they are just SO beautiful".  If you could only hear the dramatic effects with these words.

"Do you like Sher Khan??  I love Sher Khan...maybe I can ride him..." (the tiger from the jungle book) No fear of anything.

"Dont worry about Ursula.... she will be fine." " you dont have to worry about me either because I am fine too"

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wcrowder said...

i love this child! she is too funny!!!