Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When it rains it pours...Brandon has moved back home and it is an adjustment for him and definitely for us!  I am praying that what he learned at Teen Challenge he will apply to life as he enters back into society. 
Everytime we make a plan and think we know where things are going we get thrown a curve ball and we are going in another direction. 
Addison was so funny this morning she said she wanted out of the shower and when i opened the door she started spraying me with the detachable shower head! She hugged me severalt imes this morning and was so brave when I left for work.  I miss being home with her!
This is a season that I will miss in some regards but I cannot wait to get past in others.  Pray the Lord gives me patience because I am anxious to get to the next chapter. 
Thank God for good friends!  I feel like we are detached from most people b/c of work, school, kids, etc.  I had a good friend come over and hang out with us this week and it was refreshing to not be home alone all the time!

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