Friday, April 11, 2008

I am struggling watching my husband hurt over the dishonesty and evil presence in his son right now.... Please pray for God's strength for Mark... Pray for Brandon's heart b/c it is very dark and we dont understand why .... I know God allows valleys so we can cling to Him and watch Him bring glory to Himself through the darkness.... I pray that He will carry our family through some of these struggles.... I am struggling accepting that these things are happening to me but I am praying for peace that He has me right where I am for a reason.... THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER!

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boo4baby said...

Girlfriend, I am praying for you today. I pray that God will encourage you in His word. Try reading Psalm 43 and 44.....I think that's it. I am so sorry it is hard right now. Run to Him and let Him carry you through. I am here if you need me. Love yoU!