Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Addie got her 6 month shots today and she has a runny nose.... so she is really sad! :(
We are close to getting the house ready to be on the market so anyone that wants to buy a contemporary 3 bed 2 bath in Cordova...COME ON!! :)
Mark and I went to play tennis this afternoon and three tennis courts later i lost!
I am having to box up alot of baby stuff that she has already outgrown but I dont want to get rid of it until we are through having babies..... b/c i know i will need it again but it is so bulky to store!
enough of my whining!!!!
What about DAVID COOK??? He is going to win it ALL!!!
My vote still goes to BROOKE b/c i love her personality and simplicity!!! (if you are lost i am making references to American Idol)

On a more serious note I need alot of prayer for my relationship with my mother-in-law..... She is disrespectful and puts me down in front of our children.... I dont understand it but I want to just walk away and never speak to her but I know my husband needs me to have some sort of relationship with her b/c he loves her (despite all of her flaws)....b/c she is his mother.

Advice for all you single ladies..... You might love the man but make sure you check out all the people that come with him (parents, kids, exes, etc.).... I am speaking directly to my two sisters!!!! :)
have a great evening and i pray you all had a blessed day!

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