Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God has brought people into my path - some who have been there for as long as i can remember and some who i would not have expected - who have helped me through trials this week and last. I am not sure where to go from here but I know that I will sleep better at night when my husband returns home. I am doing a study through proverbs with other women to learn how to be a wise mother and wife. I fail my family daily and I am praying for guidance to learn to serve them rather than thinking of myself. If the Lord is trying to humble me He is succeeding!
I am so grateful for resources that are helping me! Thank everyone for your prayers and concerns.
Addie took close to 10 steps several times over the past couple days. I am getting excited that she is starting to walk! the slower I get being prego the faster she will get! :)

I am reading Atonement Child and it is so thought provoking everytime i want to have self pity.
I am struggling with anger towards someone in my life right now and I want to walk away and never think about that relationship again but i know that is probably not what i am supposed to do. Boundaries are not supported and i dont know how to stay in control of my home.
I desperately dont want Satan to have a strong hold over anyone or anything in my house!
I pray for the ability and wisdom to safe guard my home with my husband...
I pray that the Lord will equip mark with all the necessary tools to lead our family!

On a lighter note i am watching Along Cam Polly and for those of you who have seen it the hairy sweaty guy in the basketball match just about made me barf! I love this movie!

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