Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things have gotten worse before they have gotten better. I was not sure I could take much more when my husband informed me that the task force was going to have to stay at least another week. We are already in the third week of them being gone. I wanted to scream, cry, yell ...anything but I did not..... He continued to tell me that he had told him supervisors that he could not stay and would need immediate transportation home. I was overjoyed even though we did not know when or how he would get home. Yesterday we talked and it was looking like Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest until at 6 last night he called me to let me know he was headed to the Houston airport and I could pick him up around 10p.m. My heart leaped b/c he was finally home!!!
We need him home to take care of the unruly mess that has been created and it just gives me comfort to know that he is back. He woke Addie, played with her a while, and got to see her walk for the first time! I loved watching his face and he delighted in our baby girl.
He is going to rest today b/c he has had one heck of a couple weeks..... Praise the Lord for compassionate leaders who let him leave without jeopardizing his job. I was sad to have to get up and come into work today but I feel so relieved to know that he is going to be at the house when I get off.
Mom is still keeping Brandon b/c he is STILL SUSPENDED. He has gone over and above to try to break me and my spirit this past two weeks. Pray for wisdom b/c something radical is going to have to happen and we want to make sure that all of our decisions are guided by the Lord.
I go to the doctor this week to hear my little baby's heartbeat! I am so grateful that I have not been sick b/c that would have probably been more than I could bare with all the stresses that I have been subject to.
If it is a boy I am leaning on the name "Cameron". Mark is not sold on it but I am going to say it alot so maybe he will get used to it :) ..... Any suggestions on baby names I would love to hear them! Addie is home with Daddy today and I cannot wait to join them in a few short hours!
Have a blessed week and dont ever take your spouse or family for granite!

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Lauren said...

I won't take them for granted either;)