Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I woke up this morning and the road were not icy!  Got to work safely and talked about the joyous time playing in the snow on Monday with the family since the clinic as closed.   As the day progressed I seem to let my patience chip away .... I got home and was greatful for the meal my mother had made for us but the fun began with the dog stealing keaton's socks(his hands/feet were like ice - causing him to cry ALOT), then keaton tossing the dogs water bowl across the room full of water, to Addison pushing Keaton into the ground several times making him SCREAM, the dog pooped in my room, the dog kept biting Keaton, went to pick the dog up and she ran and hid under a piece of furniture that required me to get down and drag her out(I was SO MAD @ her), Laundry and dishes piled up for me to tackle, Addie tee teed on the floor(after sitting on the potty for what seemed like an hour), I offended a friend when I thought I was helping,  I listened to someone I care about hurt over the words and coldness of their home, and the list goes on......................... 
I was ready to cry b/c I a really tired but when I went to put the kids to bed and the two of them curled up in my lap and a peace came over me.  It was the best feeling in the world when my son nestled in one arm gives a big yawn and Addie says " Mommy, I love you too" before I even got to say I love you first. We just rocked and listened to "Sleep sound in Jesus".  I looked up after Keaton was asleep and Addison was on her phone telling one of my friends... "Oh yeah... Ill have to call you back  (PAUSE)  Yeah...Ill call you back real soon... OK?  Bye"..........It was too cute and blessed my soul bc I knew she was quoting me....if she could only mimic the harmless and caring things I say and do.....
I have made many blunders today but I am so grateful for tomorrow ... Oh a fresh start tomorrow.  PTL!
I love my kids and the only thing missing tonight was Mark.... our HERO fireman was hard at work saving lives and providing for us to be home! 
I am applying at several different nursing schools and could use all the prayers I can get about which program is best for our family.  I am going to retire now and wish everyone a good night!

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