Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January recap!

We have had a busy first month of the year!
Brandon had his wisdom teeth out the first week of January and got a dry socket... No fun!! it did nto stop him from playing MW2 on Xbox... Addison LOVED having him home... We took him back to school Jan 9 and stayed the weekend in Fayetteville AR... it was quiet and cold and I loved a day without any obligations! Then Sunday on our way home Mark got a speeding ticket for 18 over trying to hurry and get to lunch with my mom's parents in conway....
Started Aand P II the next week ...beginning with the Endocrine System and all its tiny details!
Addison started PDO at a local church one day a week and she loves it!
Keaton is finally sleeping through the night... He is almost a year old and I cannot believe that i pray when i go to bed that he wont wake up!
Addison went to a birthday party at "yucky cheese" and we told her to say "ch" "Ch" and she said "ch" "ch" "yucky cheese"... we also went to princess birthday party at "House of talent" and got to dance and do art and had a blast...
We went to a play date at the mall and had a good time with Daddy, the Wallaces, Winters, and venters!
Daddy has been going to Kindermusik with us each Thursday.
We are listing our home hoping it will sell soon! We will build on our land if it does not sell first b/c we have a for sale sign in it too!
Addison is almost potty trained... we have had a rough week last week but this week we are almost completely accident free!
Keaton is standing and walking well with a push toy so days from walking on his own.
Brandon is doing well at Brushcreek and has had a great attitude each time we have talked to him since he got back.  three weeks ago he got re-baptized and we are very hopefully for God's handy work in his heart.
We had an ice entrapment in our home last thurs through sunday.  it was fun and Addie loved playing out in the snow and sledding down the hill of ice! 
Addison told me today that she is Dr. Eskew and she will make me feel better.  She will not share her candy for going potty and today she needed nay nay & pop (my parents), esther, and rachel to come look at it! it was so funny b/c she called each of them and said LOOK I went potty all day long!
Rosie (our chihuahua puppy) loves the kids and is half way house broken...the cold makes her back track on her commitment to go outside....Keaton does not love all the kisses he gets b/c he is so low to the ground Rosie can get in his face... it is funny... Rosie will grab his socks and pull and pull until she gets them off his feet and runs to her kennel to hide them....
Excited for February to get started and I will update pics soon!!

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wcrowder said...

WOW! What a January!! LOVED reading your update. I cannot believe how big Addie & Keaton are getting! It hit me the other day that Keaton is almost 1. SO hard to believe!! Glad to see that things are going well. We'll be praying that your house/land sell! Looking forward to getting together sometime soon! love ya!