Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joy even in sickness!!

Keaton has slept most of the day and Addie and I have had a good time with playdough, matching games, coloring with colored pencils and chalk, flashcards, and reading books!  Her poor bottom is so sore that she can barely sit down... She is currently putting makeup on me.... if only someone was here to capture this in a picture! :)  This morning was depressing with all the diarreha, accident with tee tee in the floor and keaton throwing up but it is getting better as addie says "the sunshine is back" as she wears her shades around our house this afternoon :) ....
She asked me "what is your name?"
I said "what do you think my name is?"
she said "Charity Eskew Mommy"
I asked "what is Daddy's name?"
she said "Charity Eskew Daddy"
I asked"what is your name?"
She replied"Addison Eskew McKenzie".

I love it when she talks b/c we never know what we will hear! :)
She repeats everything and is always asking what we are doing, what we said, and why this or that.... So much personality at such a young age.... she keeps telling me today "I not sick....I feel better".... and "you not sick Mommy"  .... "Pink baby feels better because she goes to doctor".. We accidentally left our sleep aid "pink baby" at Dr. Yukons the other day and Daddy went back to get it for us. 
Do all kids hate having the sleeve on a book?? She cannot stand to have the cover of a book on it.... She says"book does not want to wear it"....

The joy of a toddler!!!


Maegan said...

ben hates the sleeve on the book too. i guess they just don't think it is necessary. she sounds like she keeps you well entertained :) i am glad she is feeling better!

wcrowder said...

What a funny little girl! "Charity Eskew Daddy" made me laugh!! Don't know where in the world she would have gotten such a personality, MOM! :)Hope you are all feeling a little better!!